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Rockstars are not born? They are made!

The Lyxor / Bridgewater Core Global Macro Fund (“the Fund”) is born on September 20th, 2019.

The Fund follows a fundamental and systematic global macro strategy that leverages on Bridgewater's accumulated understanding of how to best time markets and capture markets risk premiums into a UCITS portfolio.

The fund provides exposure to the two existing flagship strategies focused on Alpha and Beta. Each strategy represents 50% of the risk budget in a single portfolio.

The Fund targets a gross excess return of 8% with 9% volatility and low correlation to traditional asset classes through a mix of long, short and market neutral positions. It will invest across the full spectrum of liquid asset classes (equity, fixed income, currency, credit and commodity).

The Fund offers a unique opportunity to access Bridgewater’s expertise through a UCITS format with daily liquidity.

As a core investment solution, the Fund is designed to fit well in a traditional portfolio amidst the current paradigms shift in markets.

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Lyxor / Bridgewater Core Global Macro Fund